Monday, October 1, 2012

Flying Fish Exit 8- Chestnut Brown Ale

My buddy Jeff picked me up a bottle of Flying Fish Exit 8- Chestnut Brown Ale in New Jersey. The beer pours a dark brown, almost black, color with a lofty and frothy tan colored head that leaves a nice lacing on the glass as it subsides. The aroma consists of toasted malts, coffee, honey, chestnuts, caramel, and hints of chocolate. The taste is smooth at first with a chestnut bite and plenty of toasted malts that make their way onto the tongue. A coffee dryness settles in with honey and caramel sweetness. The alcohol content is 8.3% ABV. This was a wonderful brown ale with great honey and caramel sweetness balanced with chestnuts, toasted malts, and even coffee hints.

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