Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nugget Nectar

Today I went to the Troegs brewery to get some fresh Nugget Nectar. This is their spring seasonal, and it is very excellent. I am not usually a fan of beers that have such high hop content, but Troegs finds the way to blend the hops with taste so that it is not overwhelming.

I already have a Nugget Nectar glass, so of course I would use it for drinking this beer.

According to the glass, 7.5% alcohol and 93ish IBUs. I highly recommend trying this beer, as I will drink it regardless of the hop content.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sam Adams...Goes Down Smooth

By now I am sure you have heard that the Portland, Oregon's mayor is in some hot water over a relationship with a teenage intern. Well, whenever there is a story, there is a profit to be made. At (great name, btw), you can purchase the following shirt for $20:

I am a big fan of this shirt, and may have to purchase one. Gave me a good laugh at the office today during lunch. The story has also provide my coworkers and I plenty of pun opportunities. The t-shirt website has some other great t-shirts for you to check out.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Dark Knight Gets Dissed

The Oscar nominees were announced today, and a great atrocity has occurred: "The Dark Knight" was snubbed for Best Picture and Best Director. While admittedly I have not seen all of the films that are nominated for best picture, the success of the film and positive reviews should have placed it into the Best Picture category. This film was excellently put together, and I have not heard or seen many poor reviews of the film.

Furthermore, the CNN blog article linked above states:

"The film had done well among the motion picture guilds -– producers, directors and writers -– and had both critical praise and big box office in its favor."

So if all aspects of the Hollywood industry gave the film high honors, why did the Academy not include it in its list of Best Picture nominees? Couldn't they have at least nominated it and saw how the voters for the Oscars reacted? I think it's time the Academy removes its grudge against superhero films, especially ones that are very well made. In the words of Stephen Colbert, "The free market has spoken." Therefore, "The Dark Knight" is the best film of the year.

I'd suggest boycotting the Oscars this year, but I assume they will have a tribute to Heath Ledger, especially after he wins Best Supporting Actor. Heath deserves every honor he receives for this film. In honor of him, I will still watch, but not be happy about it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tickle Me Pink- Typical

A new band for you all to check out is Tickle Me Pink.  The band is from Fort Collins, Colorado, and recently released their debut album, Madeline. The video I linked is "Typical", which is a very awesome song. I am a big fan of the lyrics, especially in the chorus. However, the best song on the album in my opinion is "I Can't Breathe". Be sure to check this band out, as they really rock out.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christen the White House?

Does anyone else think that after the inauguration, a parade, and a ball, that the Obamas took the time out of their evening to christen the White House? Just a thought.  It only seems right that a President and First Lady usher in a new Presidency in this manner. I'm just saying I would.

Monday, January 19, 2009

ESPN Dropping Primetime Thursdays

According to the SportsBusiness Journal, ESPN is dropping the regular MLS Primetime Thursday in favor of a flexible schedule. My first reaction to this was that it was not a good sign for the league. However, after reading the article, it seems ESPN is trying to broadcast more favorable matchups (who can blame them?) and adjust the schedule around other highly watched sports. While in this country the sport is not huge, trying to adjust the schedule so that the casual fan may watch the sport because nothing else is on is very favorable for the growth of the league.

So while the initial thoughts after reading this article spell doom and gloom, the league may actually be more watchable to some people. The ratings last year were pretty terrible, and this adjustment could help. Maybe I should have been watching from home rather than at the bar. 

Seven Mary Three- Cumbersome

The next installment of the Throwback Song goes to Seven Mary Three's "Cumbersome". I am a big fan of the guitar riff and the song really rocks out.  Enjoy the memories!

Voting Begins

Voting begins today for MLS Philly's nickname. The link to vote can be found here.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Flight 1549 Crash Video

This pilot is a hero. He managed to land the aircraft in water without anyone dying, and then proceeded to get everyone off of the plane, women and children first. This video shows the actual crash and the moments after that got everyone off the plane. Excellent footage.

This Is Kaka-esque

Well this just made my day. Just when I thought "I'm on Setanta Sports" was done forever, it looks to be returning as "Special 1 TV". This episode makes me a happy boy.