Saturday, April 18, 2009

White Castle

Today after helping my boy Matt coach his girls' soccer team (beautiful weather ,btw), we stopped at White Castle on the way home for lunch. Working out all morning definitely increased my hunger, and the food definitely satisfied. I ordered a #1 (four burgers with fries and a drink) with cheese and two jalapeno burgers. Amazing. 

Cricket Hill Brewery

I went to Cricket Hill brewery located in Fairfield, New Jersey. The set up inside is very laid back, as you are sampling beer in the middle of the brewing process. Tours are available, but not really necessary because you only have to look around to see the entire brewery. Cricket Hill has four samples available on draft, and by far my favorite of the group was the Paymaster's Porter Ale. The Ale has such a smooth and round flavor. But the most surprising beer to me was the IPA Hopnotic, as seen below:

The IPA is brewed in the more traditional style rather than the American style with as many hops as one can fit into the beer. The hop balance is excellent in the IPA and it has a very clean taste. I highly recommend trying this beer if you are not an extreme hop fan.

Finally, the Jersey Summer was not available for sampling, but I decided to buy a 12-pack.
This wheat beer has a beautiful cloudy coloring, indicating that it is not over filtered. Pair it with the 70-degree weather outside, and you have the perfect experience. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tommy Smyth vs. John Madden

So with the retirement of John Madden today and with several websites posting their opinion about Tommy Smyth no longer commentating Champions League matches, I began to wonder who fans of both American Football and Soccer [Football] were more happy to see removed from the booth. Please vote below and feel free to comment.