Saturday, July 18, 2009

Victory Whirlwind Witbier

Prior to heading into the Harrisburg City Islanders vs. Crystal Palace FC (London) match, we stopped by the Brickyard in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The place has a decent beer selection and the food was pretty tasty as well. The Brickyard had Victory Whirlwind Witbier on tap, so I grabbed a couple of glasses of it. The beer is white in color, with a sweet aroma that has a slight citrus hint. As for the taste, it is very clean with a minor spice undertone. The after taste consists of a lemon flavor. The alcohol content is 5.0% ABV. I was pleasantly surprised with the Whirlwind Witbier and would jump at the opportunity to have more of it. It was a refreshing beer that is good to drink while eating, as it is light in body.

Friday, July 17, 2009

20 Percent Oof Vergina

This photo comes to us courtesy of Greg. The sign in the window say "20-50% OOF." So, if yhou notice the name of the place, the caption today is "20% oof vergina."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Michael Jackson's Hair Burning

It may be sad to say, but I thoroughly enjoyed this video. The fire extinguisher bit is priceless.


So for dinner tonight, my buds and I whipped up our recently named Weapon of Meatball Destruction (WMD)(Patent Pending). To make this sandwich monster, you start with a nice piece of Italian bread. The end is preferred as it does not allow any items to fall out. You lay our three to four Friday's mozzarella stick. Next, you lay down some McDonald's french fries over top of the cheese sticks. Finally, cover the fries and sticks with meatballs and marinara sauce. The result is amazing. Feel free to thank me when you try it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tastier Balls

Today we have our first reader submitted photo. This photo comes from Jack and has led to me adding an email me link on the right side of the page if you wish to submit funny photos. Also, you can caption if you want. Today's photo is entitled "Tastier Balls." Thanks Jack!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stoudt's Heifer-in-Wheat

I recently read in All About Beer magazine about Stoudt's Heifer-in-Wheat and was very intrigued. The beer consists of 50% malted barley and 50% malted wheat, making a hybrid heiferweizen and wheat beer. The beer pours an opaque orange, hinting at both types of beer included in this brew. It has a fresh and slightly citrus-like aroma, making it very enticing. The taste is extremely smooth, with hints of citrus, and a very clean and refreshing finish. The alcohol content is 5.0% ABV. This beer is very enjoyable and I highly recommend picking up a case. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect with the beer, but the Heifer-in-Wheat came out totally satisfying. I think this is a beer that can be enjoyed by people of all types, even those light beer drinkers.