Saturday, May 30, 2009

Troegs Troegenator

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was unable to get a growler of Troegs Scratch 19, so I filled my growler with Troegenator instead. I've had this beer many times, but it occurred to me that I have not formally reviewed the beer on my blog. So here is goes, officially. 

Trogenator is one of my top beers. The quality that goes into this beer can be appreciated with each sip. This dark lager, which is a heavenly dark amber color, has an alcohol content of 8.2% ABV. There is a nice subtle spice associated with the beer, with an excellent after taste. The caramel aroma warms the nose and alarms you that this beer will have a little bit of bite. For anyone who has not had a Troegenator, I highly recommend gong out and getting one as soon as possible. It is a very smooth drinking beer, so many beer fans can enjoy. This beer does not disappoint, and it uses the highest quality of ingredients.

Troegs Scratch 19- Espresso Stout

I slipped down to the Troegs Brewery today. I went to the growler filling station with my growler and was disappointed to find out that they were out of the Scratch 19- Espresso Stout. Since I made the 5-minute journey to the brewery, I decided to fill my growler with Troegenator. When I received my growler back, I asked the guy working how long ago they kicked the keg. He said that I missed it by about 20 minutes, but there should be some left available for samples only at the bar.

I immediately went to the bar to at least have a try of this anticipated Scratch Series beer. Fortunately for me, there was some beer left for sampling. The Espresso Stout has an excellent coffee aroma with a nice dark color. The flavor has a very strong coffee taste with a nutty accent and a slight bitter after taste. It has a full, robust taste that keeps the taste buds piqued. The alcohol content is 9.5%. I enjoyed the beer, but not quite as much as Appalachian Brewing Company's Espresso Stout. However, I am very disappointed that I could not get a full growler of Troegs Espresso Stout and hope that this recipe makes it's way around again on the scratch list again.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pittsburgh- A Champions First?

With the Penguins returning to the Stanley Cup finals, I reminisced to earlier this year when the Steelers won the Super Bowl. My mind then began to wander as to if any other cities ever have held the Lombardi Trophy and the Stanley Cup during the same season. Surprisingly, the answer is NO. There are two instances of close but no cigars:
  • The Steelers won Super Bowl IX in 1975, followed by the Flyers winning the Stanley Cup in 1975. This is the only time both trophies have been held in the same state in the same season.
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won Super Bowl XXXVII in 2003, followed by the Tampa Bay Lightning winning the Stanley Cup winning the Stanley Cup in 2004. This is the only time the trophies were awarded in back-to-back seasons in the same city.
With the above facts, no city has ever held the Lombardi Trophy and the Stanley Cup in the same season. The Penguins have a chance to put Pittsburgh in a category of its own. They face a difficult battle in facing the Detroit Red Wings, but the way that the Penguins are playing right now, I believe they have a great chance. Notice to the Pirates: If the Penguins win the Cup, you are on the clock...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Eel River California Blonde Ale

I stopped by a local distributor, Brass Rail, that is known for its great variety. After about 20 minutes of perusing the selection, I settled on California Blonde Ale from Eel River Brewing Company. This award-winning organic ale is very crisp and refreshing, excellent for the 83-degree Memorial Day holiday. The hops provide a nice bite without being too overpowering. The alcohol runs at 5.8% ABV (Note: this is the ABV printed on the label, but the website says 5.62%). The beer really tastes fresh due to the lack of preservatives, as it is certified organic. I recommend giving it a try. I also look forward to trying additional beers from Eel River Brewing Company.

Special 1 TV- Season 1 Episode 14

I might be going out later.