Saturday, October 10, 2009

Clipper City Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning

Out of the Clipper City Heavy Seas sampler pack, the third beer I tried was the Small Craft Warning. This beer is labeled as an “Uber Pils.” For all of you It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans, when I read uber pils I think “pass, super pass, uber pass!” The beer is golden in color, cloudy and smells sweet with hints of lemon. The taste is slightly malty at first, and then the hops hit in the middle. It finishes a little dry with an accent of lemon and coriander. The alcohol content is 7.0% ABV. I thought that this was an excellent pilsner with fresh and crisp hop accents. It is very refreshing due to the lemon and coriander and not overly hoppy.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Clipper City Heavy Seas Peg Leg

The second beer that I tried from the Clipper City Heavy Seas sampler pack was the Peg Leg. The beer is dark brown in color with a light tan head. The aroma consists of roasted malts and dark chocolate. The taste is mostly dark chocolate with hints of roasted malts and coffee. From the aroma, I would have thought that the roasted malts would have been the front runner for taste, but it was the dark chocolate that came out as the winner. The alcohol content is 8.0% ABV. I really like the Peg Leg and like the dry dark chocolate finish.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Clipper City Heavy Seas Red Sky at Night

I picked up a four-pack sample of Clipper City's Heavy Seas brand. The Heavy Seas brand consists of Clipper City's higher alcohol content beer. My first beer out of the sampler pack was the Red Sky at Night, which is a saison. The beer is pale yellow in color with a light head. It has a sweet and fruity aroma. The taste is slightly peppery with lemon accents. The alcohol content is 7.5% ABV. I thought that the Red Sky at Night is an excellent saison with great fruit hints and spicy finish. After trying the whole pack (reviews yet to come), this was my favorite one in the pack.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Avery Hog Heaven Barley Wine

At McGrath's I ordered a 22-ounce bottle of Avery Hog Heaven Barley Wine. The beer has a cloudy copper color and smells sweet and fruity. The taste is sweet at first before punching your taste buds with an alcohol kick. The sweetness consists mostly of caramel, and the beer finishes very dry due to the alcohol. The alcohol content is 9.2% ABV. I very much enjoyed the Hog Heaven, but beware as the alcohol can sneak up on you quickly. However, with every sip, you are reminded of the amount of alcohol that is in the Barley Wine. This was my first Avery beer, and I look forward to trying others.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Appalachian Brewing Company Rauchbock

I stopped by Appalachian Brewing Company for a friend's birthday celebration and ordered a Rauchbock, which is the September specialty. The beer is dark amber in color with no head. It has a sweet aroma with hints of the malts included. The taste is roasted malts and sweet with a light dry finish. The alcohol content is 7.0% ABV. I love the roasted flavor, as it adds another dimension to the bock beer. It was very interesting how my tongue reacted to the sweetness and the roasted flavor.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cervejaria Sul Brasileira Xingu Black Beer

Another new beer that Katie at McGrath's suggest was the Xingu Black Beer from Cervejaria Sul Brasileira. The beer hails from Brazil and the website says that the beer is “Light & Dark, Smooth As Silk.” It is dark brown in color with absolutely no head. There also is no aroma associated with the pour of this beer. Surprisingly, the beer has a sweet malty taste complete with caramel accents with a minor bitter undertone. It finishes a little dry. The alcohol content is 4.7% ABV. I thought that the Xingu Black Beer was a very surprising beer. It does not taste how it looks, as I anticipated it to taste like a porter, but it drinks more like a sweet lager. The website accurately depicts the drinking of the beer when it says “Smooth As Silk.”

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weyerbacher Autumnfest

We were informed by Katie at McGrath's that they had just received Weyerbacher Autumnfest in bottles, so I ordered one to give it a try. The beer is golden in color with almost no aroma. What is there in the aroma is a slight sweetness. The taste is sweet and malty with a slightly sour after taste. This beer goes down very smooth and dries the mouth out a little bit on the finish. I thought that it left a nice film in the mouth that contained different flavors than I tasted directly in the beer. The alcohol content is 5.4% ABV. I feel the Weyerbacher have perfected the Oktoberfest and this how an Oktoberfest should taste and drink.