Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bowling for Soup- My Wena

I have always been a fan of Bowling for Soup, and this song is freaking hilarious! Mad props to any girl who wears a "wena" costume for Halloween.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Troegs Scratch 21- Artisan Ale

I stopped in to Troegs Brewery today to pick up some growlers of Scratch 21- Artisan Ale. This scratch is supposedly very similar to the Naked Elf. Troegs was taking a run at making Mad Elf without the cherries, honey or chocolate malt [so not really Mad Elf]. The beer pours a very similar reddish-brown color as Mad Elf. It smells of a strong alcohol content, similar again to Mad Elf. The taste is very malty and sweet. It definitely is not as potent or as sweet as Mad Elf, but you can't really expect to get Mad Elf with the Scratch. In comparison, it is not as good as Mad Elf. However, as a standalone beer, it is excellent. The after taste maintains the sweet malt taste with a strong yeast flavor. The alcohol content is 7.8% ABV. I think Troegs could market this beer all year long and it would sell very well.

As a side note, Troegs released Scratch 22 today when I was there. I was going to get a growler of it, but I decided to make a return trip in the near future. However, I did not pass on the opportunity to sample it. Scratch 22 is a pilsner, and at first I was not impressed. However, after sampling the beer, the after taste of coriander would not leave my mouth and I wanted another glass of it. I definitely plan on going back for a growler and a full review. Make sure to make a trip down to Troegs to check it the newest Scratch beer.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

They're Not After Your Brains

A great picture I snapped outside the Mechanicsburg, PA Hooters. It earns the caption "THEY'RE not after your brains."

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flying Fish Exit 11 Hoppy American Wheat

My boy Matt picked me up a bottle of Flying Fish's latest in the Exit Series, Exit 11 Hoppy American Wheat. I have been anticipating this beer since it's release, so I was very excited to try it. The pour is a little thick and well carbonated, golden in color. It is also very opaque, hinting that the wheat is unfiltered. The aroma is very hoppy and floral. The taste is very light and crisp, with a decent amount of hops. The after taste reveals an apricot undertone and a slight hop bite. I'm not usually a fan of beers that are labeled "hoppy", but the Hoppy American Wheat is a very satisfying and balanced beer. The alcohol content is 6.2% ABV.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Iron Hill Cannibal

The second growler my boy Matt picked up from Iron Hill Brewery was the Cannibal. The beer is an unfiltered, cloudy yellow color. The smell is extremely sweet with hints of lemon. The taste is sweet at first, with an after taste of bitter lemon. It made for a great balance within the beer. The alcohol content is 7.8% ABV. I thoroughly enjoyed this beer, as it was equally tasty and refreshing. I highly recommend trying it if you happen to be at Iron Hill.

Iron Hill Raspberry Wheat

My boy Matt picked up two growlers at Iron Hill Brewery today. The one growler was filled with the Raspberry Wheat. The beer is a very light amber color and has a slightly sweet aroma. The taste was not that great in my opinion. I thought it had a hint of chemicals or something in it. I couldn't even get much of a raspberry taste out of it. The alcohol content is 4.1% ABV. I'm wondering if the growler had some leftover cleaner in it when it was filled. I might give it another try, but I will be reluctant to do so.