Saturday, January 31, 2009

Special 1 TV

I love David Beckham's confusion over the David statue.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hoobastank- For(n)ever

Hoobastank has returned with the album For(n)ever. I am very pleased with this album. The first single "My Turn" is embedded and really rocks. The first time I heard it I enjoyed it, and every time I hear it I cannot get the guitar riff out of my head. It's good that Hoobastank has basically abandoned the bubble-gum pop rock of The Reason and put out a rocking record that gets its roots from their self-titled album. Check it out!

Bloodhound Gang- The Bad Touch

My throwback song that I am throwing at you today is The Bloodhound Gang's "The Bad Touch". This song on its own is hilarious, but the video puts the icing on the cake.  Enjoy!

Impact of Beckham

Beckham scored again today for AC Milan and I feel this all but solidified his move to Milan permanently. He has called the gaLAxy "frustrating", and I totally agree. In fact, I am sort of sick of the Beckham circus that surrounds the team. Yes, he is still a great player and nobody plays a better dead ball than him. But I feel that he cannot exist on a team in MLS that does not have Landon Donovan (which is all but likely).

This is a very good time for the gaLAxy for to start from scratch with their Designated Player slot. Michael Owen would be an excellent replacement for Donovan. While he doesn't have the star power that Beckham does, he will give the gaLAxy plenty of goals.

Now, does Beckham leaving hurt the MLS? I believe it does right now, as the network is already scrambling with poor ESPN ratings. Beckham is the only player that could consistently sell tickets. I don't believe the gaLAxy will have ticket trouble at home, but the hosting teams will see a significant drop off when LA comes to town. Less tickets means less revenue and no Beckham means less attention. However, I think with less media attention on the team, the gaLAxy themselves will play better. So for the league, it will hurt significantly. But the team has nowhere to go but up, and in the long run, LA playing well has done well for the league.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Reason to Like Pittsburgh West

According to Kiper's mock draft, the Arizona Cardinals could draft Pittsburgh running back LeSean McCoy. While the draft is far away and many things could change, the pick would make sense provided that Edge still wants out of Phoenix. If he changes his mind, I can't see Arizona drafting a running back as they would have three potential starters. But putting McCoy with other Pitt grads such as Larry Fitzgerald and Gerald Hayes (read Larry FitzGerald Hayes) makes the Cardinals a likeable and watchable team. However, the likeing only begins after Sunday.

Go Steelers

From 1-24-08

One week away from the Super Bowl, and the fever has reached Central Pennsylvania. The photo above was taken from Commerce Bank's corporate headquarters in Harrisburg, PA.