Sunday, February 26, 2012

Summit Silver Anniversary Ale

I picked up a bottle of Summit Silver Anniversary Ale from Brass Rail in Campbelltown as part of a mixed six-pack. The beer pours an orange-tinted amber color with a frothy off-white head that leaves lacing on the glass. The aroma consists of tangerine, grapefruit, passion fruit, candi sugar, and orange. The taste is bitter with plenty of citrus flavors including orange, tangerine, grapefruit, and passion fruit. The background is built upon candi sugar and caramel, with toasted toffee hints as well. The finish brings out some spicy spruce flavors with a bit of grass and pepper as well. The alcohol content is 6.5% ABV. For a Pale Ale, this was quite the bitter beer with lots citrus flavors and very hop-forward. I was completely impressed with it, and for the price, it’s an exceptional value.

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