Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pizza Boy Brewing Test Batch Mango Triple IPA

I made it a point to ordered a glass of Pizza Boy Brewing Test Batch Mango Triple IPA while at Al’s of Hampden. This beer was the winner of a homebrewing contest, and will also be brewed by Troegs. The beer pours a cloudy and unfiltered orange color with a thin bubbly white head. The aroma is strong on mango, tangerine, orange, and bitter grapefruit. The taste is extremely smooth and fruit forward. The mango flavor is sweet on the tongue before orange, tangerine, and grapefruit bitter up the finish. Hints of pepper linger in the finish. The alcohol content is 9.1% ABV. The mango sweetens up the flavor and really balances the bitterness without masking it. This beer was also very thick in the mouth feel, as it was not filtered and it allowed the mango to take over the properties of the beer.

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