Thursday, January 6, 2011

East End Homewood Reserve 2010

I was lucky to grab a bottle of East End Brewing Homewood Reserve 2010 from Al's of Hampden, as Al brought back some bottles from Pittsburgh. The beer pours a deep black color with a bubbly brown head. The aroma consists of chocolate and toasted malts with some molasses and caramel. The taste is light bodied and with a solid chocolate base before a sour cherry twist comes out to play. The finish dries out with toasted malts and dark chocolate and the after taste lets the chocolate linger with a coffee accent. The alcohol content is not available online but I would estimate it to be around 9.0% ABV. There is a great amount of flavors in this beer, but I was slightly surprised at the lack of a body. The beer is more like liquid chocolate than a beer, but the sour twist really makes this beer enjoyable.

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