Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sea Dog Apricot Wheat Ale

The final beer I tried out of the Sea Dog sampler pack was the Apricot Wheat Ale. The beer is pale yellow in color and itt has a sweet apricot aroma. This beer tastes immediately like apricot, but the taste falls off quickly with a water-like after taste. The beer is very smooth, but flavorless on the end. The alcohol content is 3.5% ABV. My opinion on the Sea Dog beers (at least the fruit ones) is that they concentrate too hard on the fruit additions and not enough on the beer ingredients. For fruit beers, their alcohol content is extremely low, even lower than Miller Lite. I feel like they substituted beer ingredients with fruit. While the beers are fresh, smooth, and clean, I am not a big fan of this brewery.

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