Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beckham vs. His Duty

So here is my latest problem with David Beckham. Shaq has recently called out Beckham to shoot free kicks on him for Shaq's new show "Shaq vs." David has declined, saying that "Kobe could score against him." I don't have a problem with his words, but I have a major problem with his action of declining. Here is a man who was brought into America and was quoted as wanting to be the Ambassador of Soccer for America. Following that logic, why is Beckham declining to go on a show with one of the most popular basketball players? If he were to go on the show, he has one more opportunity to expose the country to soccer, and the basketball market is a large one. What the gaLAxy and MLS are paying Beckham for is exposure, and he cerainly has not been helping them as of late with fighting with fans and wanting to go back to Milan. The least he could do is go one Shaq's show, which will take a day of his life, get paid for it, and help expose America to soccer, especially Beckham's notable free kicks. What does he have to lose? It is clear to me that he does not want to be in this country anymore and is finished trying to expose America to soccer.

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