Friday, June 8, 2012

Ithaca Excelsior! LeBleu

I picked up a bottle of Ithaca Excelsior! LeBleu from the brewery on its release day. The beer pours a pinkish-amber color with a fizzy and bubble white head that dissipates rather rapidly. The aroma consists of blueberry, vinegar, sugar, yeast, and crust. The taste is light and tart and plenty refreshing. Blueberries provide a base for the beer before vinegar finishes out the flavor. There are hints of pie crust and sugar mixed in as well and a hint of yeast left behind on the tongue. The alcohol content is 5.4% ABV. LeBleu is a wonderful sour beer with plenty of fruity notes on top of vinegar tartness. I am more than excited to see how this beer ages as well, but it has a great start.

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