Saturday, June 23, 2012

Grandview Brewing-Stouts and Stilettos Breakfast at Tierney's

My buddy Ed brought over a bottle of the Stouts and Stilettos-Grandview Brewing collaboration Breakfast at Tierney’s, Tierney also being a friend of mine. The beer pours a black color with an overly lofty tan and bubbly head that leaps out of the bottle. The aroma is big on cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla, and maple. The taste, like the aroma, is big on the cinnamon with a little chocolate and vanilla. Light maple syrup flavors come out on the finish. The alcohol content is approximately 9.0% ABV. I’d say this beer was way too big on cinnamon and it took over most of the other flavors. If it were to be done again, I would recommend using cinnamon sticks rather than powder and pulling back a little bit on the cinnamon content. Otherwise, it had some great flavors to it.

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