Thursday, February 2, 2012

Heavy Seas Yule Tide Belgian Style Tripel Ale

I saw that Al’s of Hampden had bottles of Heavy Seas Yule Tide Belgian Style Tripel Ale, so I decided to pick one up and share amongst friends while watching hockey. The beer pours an orange-tinted amber color with a frothy white head with a faint bit of lacing on the glass. The aroma consists of banana, candi sugar, orange peel, pepper, biscuits, and grass. The taste is sweet with banana and yeast flavors, accompanied with candi sugar. A bit of pepper and orange peel dries out the mouth a little bit with a biscuity mouth feel and a grassy after taste is left behind with hints of pepper. The alcohol content is 10.0% ABV. There is a bit of booziness that arrives as the beer warms which, I thought, really helped balance out the sweetness. It may err on the sweet side with a bunch of extra yeast flakes, but for the price, this is a rather good tripel.

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