Saturday, November 5, 2011

Troegs Scratch 49- Fresh Hop Ale

On the last day of the original Troegs tasting room, I stopped in to pick up a case of Troegs Scratch 49- Fresh Hop Ale. The beer pours a pale golden color with a frothy white head that leaves some lacing on the glass. The aroma consists of grapefruit, tangerine, caramel, and grass. The taste is all about the fresh hops, bringing out some grapefruit, tangerine, sugar, and orange. The taste is very bitter but quite enjoyable, and pepper, grass, and pine comes out in the finish. The after taste leaves a hint of caramel behind. The alcohol content is 7.2% ABV. This beer was advertised as a Fresh Hop Ale, and it delivered. The base of the beer was lightly malty with hints of caramel, but the beer was completely focused on the bitter and citrusy hops.

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