Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pearl Street Grill & Brewery Billy Bonka

My fiancee ordered a glass of Pearl Street Grill & Brewery Billy Bonka, and the overwhelming chocolate aroma from the seat next to me encouraged me to order my own glass. First of all, I love the name as a play on Willy Wonka. The beer pours a black color with a frothy tan head. When smelling this beer, the words that entered my mind were “Holy chocolate, Batman!” It really is an infectious chocolate aroma, as it consists of dark Belgian chocolate, mocha, toasted malts, coffee, and cream. The taste is chocolaty and almost as powerful as the aroma, yet silky smooth on the tongue. There are bits of cream, toasted malts, coffee, mocha, and a dry finish with cocoa powder lingering on the tongue. The alcohol content is not posted online, but I would guess it to be around 6.0% ABV. Another beer I tried from Pearl Street, and another positive impression. If you are a chocolate lover, this beer is for you. While other flavors surface, this beer is about chocolate and chocolate only.

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