Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mikkeller Barrel-Aged Black Hole Series (Part II)

I previously reviewed the first four Black Hole beers from Mikkeller, those being the Bourbon, Whiskey, Red Wine, and Rum barrel aged beers. I picked up two more, the White Wine and Tequila, from Stateline Liquors, leaving only the Cognac for another time. As with the previous beers, the Black Hole pours a black color with a frothy tan head, and both versions here looked very similar.

The Black Hole in white wine barrels has an aroma that consists of chocolate, vanilla, toasted malts, grapes, and sugar. The taste is smooth and sweet with lots of chocolate and toasted malts. There is a faint dry white wine accent before the alcohol warmth kicks in and a coffee finish. Overall, this was similar to the red wine barrel aged Black Hole in that the wine isn't overbearing and difficult to detect. It only adds a slight accent of grapes and sugar, while helping dry out the finish.

The Black Hole in tequila barrels is a completely different story. The aroma is not as tequila-y as I expected but it was there and covers most of the flavors in the nose with some faint coffee and chocolate in there as well and a slight sweetness with agave fruit. The taste is wonderful and might be my favorite of the versions I have tried. The chocolate and tequila go well together, a sort of Heaven and Hell mix. The tequila version allows a dry coffee finish to come out and is overall pretty dry as well.

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