Tuesday, August 23, 2011

McKenzie Brew House The Chronic

On the way home from Ocean City, I stopped in to McKenzie Brew House in Chadds Ford. I first ordered a glass of The Chronic, an IPA. The beer pours an orange amber color with a frothy white head that leaves lacing on the glass. The aroma consists of lemon, grapefruit, grass, smelling very much like a saison. The taste is bitter with a bit of smoky charcoal, orange, grapefruit, lemon. Plenty of pepper comes out in the finish and it has a grassy after taste with some hay. The alcohol content is 6.25% ABV. The Chronic was like no other IPA that I have ever had, with its smoky and charcoal flavor. I really enjoyed the depth and complexity of it though, and I suggest ordering one if you get a chance to stop in to McKenzie.

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