Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dogfish Head Black and Red

I was in Falls Church visiting my buddy, so we decided to go to the Dogfish Head Ale House. I saw that the Black and Red was on the menu, so I ordered a glass. The beer pours a black color with a thin filmy tan head. The aroma consists of spearmint, chocolate, and toasted malts, but the mint takes focus here. The taste is strong and intense with lots of mint on front the end. Sweet chocolate and raspberry come out after the mint subsides with a hint of red wine. The alcohol content is 10.5% ABV. I would say that this beer is not for everyone and I wouldn't want more than one glass in a sitting, but it was quite intriguing and interesting. The mint flavor is intense and strong arms the chocolaty goodness of the imperial stout, but I was glad I had the opportunity to try it.

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