Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boulder Hazed and Infused

I picked up a mixed case of Boulder Brewing, and I decided to review the Hazed and Infused. The beer pours an orange-tinted amber color with a frothy off-white colored head. Lots of carbonation bubble rapidly float to the top of the glass. The aroma consists of sweet caramel, lemon, pine, tangerine, and orange. The taste is smooth and not too bitter, which would be good news for someone who is not a hop head. There is a light lemon and pine hop flavor on top of a malty and caramel base. The finish has a little pepper dryness to it. The alcohol content is 4.85% ABV. This is a very good beginner beer for those shy of hops, and it is pretty easy drinking. I wouldn’t say it’s an intense beer, but it is solid.

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