Monday, June 27, 2011

Hantverksbryggeriet Baronen Barley Wine Ale

My girlfriend picked me up a bottle of Hantverksbryggeriet Baronen Barley Wine Ale from Al’s of Hampden. The beer pours a golden color with a frothy white head that leaves lacing on the glass. I was surprised at the color of the beer, as it was much lighter than most barleywines. The aroma consists of sweet banana, pepper, Belgian yeast, orange, grass, and lemon peel. The taste is smooth and sweet at first with lots of yeast, orange, tangerine, and orange up front before the spiciness kicks in, hitting the tongue with pepper, Belgian spices, oregano, and pine. The finish is slightly dry and warms the back of the mouth. The alcohol content is 11.5% ABV. This beer was quite different from the American style barleywines, as it was mush sweet and spicier, and not quite as hoppy. However, it was thoroughly enjoyable, especially if you like Belgian tripels.

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