Monday, June 27, 2011

Cigar City Cubano Espresso

I ordered a glass of Cigar City Cubano Espresso from Al’s of Hampden, having enjoyed every other beer I’ve had from Cigar City. The beer pours an orange-tinted brown color with a thin bubbly head. The aroma consists of toasted malts, coffee beans, vanilla, and caramel. The taste is bold with lots of coffee up front built on top of a toasted malt base. The mouth feel is light and bubbly and there are hints of chocolate, oak, and vanilla on the tongue. There is a bubbly and dry finish. The alcohol content is 5.5% ABV. This was a most excellent beer that was smooth and flavorful. The coffee flavors were not too intense, and were mixed very well with the malts, vanilla, and caramel.

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