Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nogne-o Tyttebaer

I picked up a bottle of Nogne-o Tyttebaer from Al's of Hampden. The Tyttebaer is a wild ale brewed with Scandinavian cranberries. The beer pours a red amber color with a lofty and frothy white head that fizzles as it dissipates. The aroma consists of sweet and sour cranberries with a fresh zest of cherries and wheat. The taste is bitter and sour with a big helping of cranberries and some sour cherry underneath. The beer is light and bubbly on the tongue and it foams in the back of the mouth and has a light wheat after taste. The alcohol content is 8.0% ABV. I really enjoyed the refreshing nature of this beer despite being sour and bitter. Nogne-o has provided an excellent wild ale, especially with the addition of cranberries.

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