Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rock Art Extreme Pumpkin Imperial Spruce Stout

I picked up a bottle of Rock Art Extreme Pumpkin Imperial Spruce Stout from Al's of Hampden. The beer pours a black color with a frothy tan head.The aroma is chocolate and coffee with hints of pumpkin, spruce, and pine hops. The taste is deep and chocolaty and a good helping of coffee. The beer then transitions into a light pumpkin flavor with a very dry spruce finish. The alcohol content is 8.0% ABV. The pumpkin flavors really came out as the beer warmed, and this was a welcoming alternative to your typical pumpkin beer. Being an Imperial Stout with pumpkin accents and sans the large helpings of spices made this not your run-of-the-mill fall pumpkin beer. Go out there and grab a bottle while you can!

1 comment:

  1. My distributor carries many unusual brands and flavors.I will keep an eye out. Sounds good!