Monday, August 30, 2010

Arcadia Ales Hopmouth Double IPA

I picked up a bottle of Arcadia Ales Hopmouth Double IPA from Pinocchio's in Media, PA. The beer pours a dark amber color, which was much darker than I expected, with a foamy tan head. The aroma consists of sweet caramel and toffee with fresh accents of pine and grass and a light touch of butterscotch. The taste is sweet and smooth with toasted caramel and toffee. I must say that I expected the hops to hit a little harder, but what is there is pine and lightly lemony. The finish on the beer returns the flavor of the toasted caramel, which is a very welcome return. The alcohol content is 8.1% ABV. This was a very smooth and sweet drinking beer, but misses out somewhat with balancing hop bitterness. I did enjoy drinking it, but felt that the lack of hops made me feel like I was let down somewhat by this beer.

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