Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Troegs Sunshine Pilsner

I picked up a case of Troegs Sunshine Pilsner for poker night at my house (I'm pretty nice to my guests, aren't I?). The beer pours a clear yellow color with a frothy white head. The aroma consists of sour hops with a healthy backbone of malts. The taste is light and malty with a crisp hop bite on the side of the mouth. There is a light lemon zest hidden in the background of this beer with a nice helping of wheat as well. The alcohol content is 5.3% ABV. I thought that Troegs has nailed the pilsner style and has provided a perfect, refreshing beer that actually has flavor unlike the mega-breweries' yellow fizzy water. On a hot day in the summer, Sunshine Pilsner is the beer you want to be drinking.

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