Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Steel Brewing Steel Reserve

One of my coworkers picked up a case of Steel Reserve for poker. The beer pours a straw color with foamy white head that sticks to the glass. The aroma is heavily malty with wheat and smells like a frat house or standing over a brew kettle. The taste is malty and a bit sour on the finish. The beer is also somewhat creamy, but a pretty smooth drinking beer. The alcohol content is 8.1% ABV. Overall, it was pretty decent and drinkable, and it was not as bad as I was expecting.

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  1. You are the ultimate un-snob and I love you for that! Some dude asked me a few weeks ago why I didn't review macros and foreign beers. I checked and found 20-30 that met that category which is about 5%. Rock on Steel Reserve. I think I got that in "40-town" back in Yonkers before I moved to FL.