Thursday, April 15, 2010

Troegs Scratch 28- Troggen Roggen

I swung into the Troegs tasting room to grab a case of Scratch 28 Troggen Roggen and decided to also have a pint while I was there. The Troggen Roggen is a German ale brewed with a portion of rye malt and a weizenbier yeast strain, largely based on the Dreamweaver Wheat beer that Troegs offers. The beer has an unfiltered earthy orange color with a bubbly and foamy white head. The aroma is wheat and light citrus. The taste is citrus and nicely wheat with light caramel accents and a nice rye undertone. There are also hints of banana and clove in the beer. It has a good light hop finish. The alcohol content is 6.1% ABV. When I read the description, I was not “wowed” by this beer, but tasting it provided the “wow” factor. It was really a complex beer with many levels, and I liked how the caramel did not appear in the beer until it warmed up a bit.

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