Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bell's HopSlam Ale

I was eagerly anticipating the release of Bell's HopSlam Ale, and I ordered a draft at McGrath's in Harrisburg. I noticed this beer was “on deck” at McGrath's, so I inquired which beer's keg had to be kicked to accommodate the HopSlam Ale. Katie, the bartender, responded that Corsendonk Christmas Ale had to be kicked, and my group of friends and I kicked the keg. Then on to the HopSlam. The beer has a yellow-gold color with a lofty and foamy white head. The smell is piney and floral with plenty of citrus accents. The taste is sweet with lemon and grapefruit accents with a decent hop finish. The alcohol content is 10.0% ABV. I though that this beer was amazing and the hops were not overwhelming. I plan on ordering this beer whenever I see it out, and I highly recommend picking this up.

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