Sunday, October 18, 2009

Troegs Mad Elf

I stopped by Troegs and they had freshly bottled 22-ounce pounders of Mad Elf available, so naturally I picked one up for myself. This is the most anticipated beer of the year for me. The beer is reddish amber in color with a creamy frothy head. It smells sweet of alcohol and cherries. The taste is slightly bitter chocolate with cherry hints. It finishes a little sweet with a honey undertone. The alcohol content is 11% ABV. This is the freshest I have ever tasted Mad Elf, and it was excellent. Letting the beer warm up a little too helps release all of the flavors on your tongue. The crispness of the hops hitting with the slight sourness of the cherries and sweetness of the chocolate and honey will make your tongue dance like the “visions of sugar plums.”

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