Sunday, September 6, 2009

Troegs Scratch 23- Kellar Fest

I stopped by Troegs to pick up a six-pack of Dead Reckoning (review soon!) and a six-pack of Scratch 23- Kellar Fest. The brew was made in honor of Oktoberfest. The beer has an orange tint and is cloudy and unfiltered. It pours with almost no head and smells sweet and malty with a slight sour undertone. The taste is smooth and sweet at first with sublte hint of lemon. The Kellar Fest is a little bitter on the finish from the hops included in the beer. The alcohol content is 5.1% ABV. The fruity hint of lemon makes this beer slightly different than your run of the mill Oktoberfest beers, but it accents the malts used nicely. Go pick up a six-pack, or a growler, and enjoy this beer as fall approaches.

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