Monday, March 16, 2009

In-N-Out Burger

From Day 4

While in Las Vegas, our group checked out In-N-Out Burger. Some of the group had been there previously, but many, like myself, had not. On first arrival, I was amazed at how busy the place was.
From Day 4

It took about 5 minutes to order, and about 15 minutes to receive the food, but it was totally worth the wait. I ordered a Number 1, which is a Double Cheeseburger with fries and a drink. It came "Animal Style", which has Thousand Island dressing.
From Day 4

The burger was fantastic. I think the best part of the burger is that the ingredients are fresh, especially the onions. The burger was juicy, greasy, and very tasty. As for the fries, I thought they were underdone, which seemed to be a consensus of the group. The people who had been there there before said that the fries were excellent, so for this visit I will blame the massive crowds. All in all, the food was excellent and I plan to visit again.

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