Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Duclaw Sweet Baby Jesus!

I went to Al’s of Hampden to pick up a 6-pack of Duclaw Sweet Baby Jesus!, a chocolate peanut butter porter. The beer pours a black color with a frothy tan colored head that leaves some lacing on the glass. The aroma consists of peanuts, peanut butter, chocolate, coffee, and toasted malts. The taste is smooth with a robust chocolate and toasted malt flavor before a strong peanut butter taste comes in to play. It really balances well and tastes similar to a peanut butter cup. The finish is dry and full of roasted malts and peanuts. The alcohol content is 6.5% ABV. This had a great chocolate and peanut butter flavor, and I love me some peanut butter cups. I will absolutely be coming back to this beer and I recommend that you try it as well.