Sunday, October 28, 2012

De Proef Brouwerij Flemish Primitive Wild Ale

The September shipment of the Michael Jackson Rare Beer of the Month Club brought a bottle of De Proef Brouwerij Flemish Primitive Wild Ale. The beer pours a golden color with an overly lofty bubbly white colored head that leaves a nice lacing on the glass on as it subsides. The aroma consists of horse blanket, hay, barnyard funk, lemon, and earthy tones. The taste is funky with a strong lemon presence on the front end before lots of horse blanket, hay, barnyard funk and earthiness settles in. There is some peppery and grassy notes in the finish. The alcohol content is 9.0% ABV. I enjoyed the funkiness of this beer with its wonderful farm-like aspects and nice earthy tones.


  1. Hey, why did you delete my post? I want answers. You are this "so-called" beer expert and you say that the beers aroma consists of horse blanket. What is that??? Barnyard funk? Explain.

  2. I deleted it because of the expletives. It would have also been better coming from someone other than "Anonymous." Stand behind your comments. I have no problem defending, but have no idea who you are. Also, I never claim to be an expert. This is my blog that I've used to work on my writing skills on my personal time. I appreciate that people read it, but it's more for me to help me keep up with writing and to log the beers I've drank.

    Anyways, horse blanket is a familiar smell to me since I've been going to the PA Farm Show for many years. It is musty and gives off a hint of a moldy-like taste. The funk is very similar and if you've ever stepped on to a farm, it hits you immediately. It's somewhat of a mix of mud, fur, animals, and dust. I hope I've helped you understand what I perceive as horse blanket and barnyard funk.