Monday, July 30, 2012

Round Guys BerlinerWeisster-WeissterBerliner

My buddy John picked up a growler of Round Guys BerlinerWeisster-WeissterBerliner from the brewery for Al and I to share. The beer pours a pale yellow color with a bubbly and fizzy white head. The dissipating head makes a sound like Rice Krispies and is very therapeutic. The aroma consists of tart lemon, sour apple, wheat, and a light funk. The taste is tart with lemon on the front end and plenty of acid. It has a solid wheat base and a dry finish that leaves a watery flavor behind. This watery flavor should not be construed as a negative, but just a descriptor of the taste. The alcohol content is 4.8% ABV. I thoroughly enjoyed this Berliner Weiss with a acidic and tart overall composition with light citrus flavors to compliment.

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