Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stone-Bear Republic-Fat Head's TBA (Texas Brown Ale)

As part of a trade with my buddy Rich in San Diego, I received a bottle of the Stone-Bear Republic-Fat Head’s collaboration TBA (Texas Brown Ale). The beer pours a brown color with a lofty and frothy cream colored head that lingers for a really long time. The aroma consists of lemon, pepper, caramel, toasted malts, coffee, and pine. The taste is nicely bitter with a toasted malt flavor and caramel backbone. The hops bring out lemon, pepper, and pine. The alcohol content is 7.1% ABV. I like the added hoppiness to this brown ale, and it was an aggressive representative of the style. If this is brew true to historical style, I would like to see more of these made in the future.

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