Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ommegang-Liefmans Seduction

I picked up a bottle of the Ommegang/Liefmans collaboration Seduction from Brass Rail in Campbelltown, and decided to share it with some buddies. The beer pours a black color with a frothy beige head. The aroma consists of chocolate nibs, cocoa powder, and light hints of tart cherry. The taste is dark and chocolaty with roasted malts, but it is built upon a powdery chocolate mouth feel. Cocoa dryness, a hint of cherry, and a bitter hop flavor come out in the finish. The alcohol content is 6.8% ABV. This beer struck a positive chord with the slight tartness, although the chocolate in it was very powerful and dominating over all the other flavors. It was pretty good, but could have been better if more of the tart cherry shone through the dark chocolate flavors.

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