Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hair of the Dog Bourbon Fred From the Wood

Another beer I had sent to me from Doug Hanson was Hair of the Dog Bourbon Fred From the Wood. The beer pours a caramel color with almost no head, only a few bubbles making it out of the glass. The aroma consists heavily of bourbon, wood, caramel, candi sugar, and vanilla. The taste is bold with bourbon, sweet bourbon, coming out on the front end. Cherry, caramel, vanilla, and raisin all blending very well together. The finish has a slight oak dryness, but the caramel lingers behind. The alcohol content is 12.0% ABV. If you ever wanted to taste a beer that really balances bourbon with the body of the beer, the Bourbon Fred From the Wood is absolutely that beer. While it is very bourbon forward, it is not too biting and really brings out the sweet vanilla flavor of bourbon.

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