Monday, December 5, 2011

Persha Pruvatna Brovariya Stare Misto Lager Beer

My buddy Jeff picked up a sample pack from Persha Privatna Brovariya, and he decided to bring it to my house to share on Black Friday. The first beer in the pack we tried was the Stare Misto Lager Beer. The beer pours a pale gold color with a thin bubbly white head. The aroma consists of caramel, malts, lemon, and faint grassy hops. The taste is smooth and malty with a light profile. There are some caramel flavors with other malts as well. The finish has some grassy hops that are faint, but complimentary. The alcohol content is 4.8% ABV. While light-bodied, this beer had some decent flavors to it. The hops were not all that intensive, but it was an enjoyable and refreshing beer.

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