Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shipyard Smashed Blueberry

I picked up a bottle of Shipyard Smashed Blueberry from Giant Eagle in Pittsburgh. The beer pours a black color with a lofty and frothy tan head that leaves small remnants of lacing on the glass. Upon pouring the blueberry aroma takes over the room in one of the most potent fruit beers I have ever smelled. There is also a background of caramel, chocolate, rhubarb, and toasted malts. The taste is roasty and very malty with plentiful amounts of chocolate With the taste, there is less of a pronounced amount of blueberry, but it is there and has a good flavor. It just takes more of a back seat, the opposite of the aroma. However, the blueberry flavor comes back in the finish and has somewhat of a blueberry pie flavor with hints of vanilla. The alcohol content is 9.0% ABV. I really enjoyed this beer with it’s plentiful blueberry aroma, and the fact that it isn’t overpowering in the flavor profile is all the better.

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