Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crabtree Berliner Weiss Ale

I received a bottle of Crabtree Berliner Weiss Ale from Lee (Hoptopia) in a beer trade. The beer pours a cloudy yellow color with a bubbly white head that recedes rather rapidly. The aroma consists of funky with horse blanket, hay, barnyard smells, lemon, pepper, and grass. The taste is light bodied with a big sour lemon profile, being slightly puckering. There is a nice background of barnyard funk with grassy hops and a hint of pepper on the finish. The alcohol content is not available online, but I would estimate it to be about 4.5% ABV. I really enjoyed this Berliner Weiss and it’s slight puckering flavor, without being too sour for the style.

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