Sunday, August 7, 2011

Selin's Grove The Phoenix Kriek

I heard from a little birdie that after The Phoenix Kriek was kicked at Selin’s Gove Brewpub, another one mysteriously appeared, so I made the trip up to make sure I got to try some of this year’s batch. The beer pours a cranberry color with a thin white head. The aroma consists of cherry, cranberry, light vinegar, and sweet malts. The taste is sweet and smooth with a surprising maple syrup flavor on the front end. There are also cranberry, cherry, honey, and sweet malt flavors. The alcohol content is 6.5% ABV. This was a wonderful kriek and I completely loved the maple syrup and honey accents, as they were a surprise and added a nice sweet kick without being too sweet.

1 comment:

  1. I was pleasantly surprised to see this beer on tap when we stopped in for lunch saturday. I couldn't pass up for the opportunity to have it for the first time in a couple years. Also had pours of the Sour Red and IPA. Nice little saturday.