Saturday, July 9, 2011

Spring House Two Dudes Wet Paint Guava Ale

I noticed the the Spring House Tap Room had the Two Dudes Wet Paint Guava Ale on tap, so I decided to order a glass. The beer pours a brown color with a bubbly white head. The aroma consists of guava, caramel, malts, and nectar. The taste is smooth and sweet with a big guava focus here. There is a caramel base that peeks through the guava flavors before a dry finish with some cinnamon and nutmeg, even though it has neither of those ingredients in it. The alcohol content is 7.5% ABV. I thought this was a wonderful beer, although it is a tough one to nail down. The finish is what intrigues/confuses me, as I could not nail the exact flavor down, but it was dry like cinnamon.

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