Saturday, June 18, 2011

Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale

As part of my beer of the month club from Beer-on-the-Wall, I received a bottle of Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale. The beer pours a golden color with a lofty and frothy off-white colored head. The aroma consists of caramel, pine and grass hops, light lemon, and oregano. The taste is smooth and rather malty with some caramel flavors up front before some bitter pine and grass hops come in to play. The finish brings out a lemon citrus hint that is quite refreshing. The alcohol content is 5.0% ABV. This was quite a good pale ale and very refreshing beer to drink, as it gave just enough lemon citrus on the tongue to compete with the hop bitterness and caramel sweetness.

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