Friday, April 22, 2011

Goose Island Pere Jacques

I got a bottle of Goose Island Pere Jacques in a beer trade with my buddy Tim. The beer pours a brown color with orange hues and a thin filmy white head. The aroma consists of raisin, malts, fig, orange, and a hint of alcohol. The taste is smooth and sweet with lots of raisin, malts, fig, molasses, and sugar. The mouth feel is smooth and round that is similar to a juice. The finish brings in a little citrus orange and an earthy hop balance. The after taste is where the alcohol shows up and warms the back of the throat. The alcohol content is 8.0% ABV. This is an excellent dubbel that provides the perfect amount of sweetness, not overdone at all, with a great citrus and earthy accent to balance everything out wonderfully.

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