Thursday, March 10, 2011

Breckenridge Avalance

I ordered a glass of Breckenridge Avalanche from McGrath’s in downtown Harrisburg. The beer pours a copper color with a frothy off-white head. The is faint but aroma consists of caramel, malts, and lemon. The taste is bitter at first with lemon and pine hops. A sweet caramel kick cones into play but is a little watered down. The finish is dry and toasted but what lingers is a watery after taste. The alcohol content is 5.41% ABV. This beer, at best, could be described as decent and nowhere near the memorable category. Well, it could be memorable in that I thought it was terrible and tasted extremely watered down. I am a big Breckenridge fan, but steer clear of this offering from them.

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