Monday, February 14, 2011

JoBoy's BrewPub Hopblack

I took a trip to JoBoy’s BrewPub in Manheim for dinner with friends, and was excited to see that Hopblack was on the menu, a Black IPA. The beer pours a black color with a finger-width foamy off-white head. The aroma consists of pine and citrus hops with coffee, chocolate and molasses. There is a bit of a toasted malt backbone in the aroma as well. The taste is smooth and large with a roasty and smoky flavor, chocolate and a solid coffee base. There is a pine hop bite that is subtle on the finish. The alcohol content is 5.6% ABV. The Hopblack was a wonderful beer with great smoke flavor induced, all without overpowering the chocolate and malt base of the beer. And most importantly, there is a nice helping of pine hops.

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