Friday, January 21, 2011

Southern Tier Phin & Matt's Extraordinary Ale

I previously had tried Southern Tier Phin & Matt's Extraordinary Ale at a beer fest, but I was unimpressed. With my change in taste buds, I decided to give it another whirl, and I picked up a bottle at Brass Rail in Campbelltown. The beer pours an amber color with a frothy white head. The aroma consists of lemon, caramel, and fresh pine hops. The taste is light bodied with a light caramel accent. There are accents of pine and lemon hops in the beer, but faint in the background. The finish is lightly dry, but brings in a butterscotch sweetness. The alcohol content is 5.4% ABV. I am glad that I gave this beer another chance, as I did enjoy it much more than when I had it at a beer fest. It wouldn't rank up there as my favorite beer that Southern Tier produces, but it is a solid beer overall.

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